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Desert-Fields Beyond the Known

Desert-    “Horizon to horizon…a sliding sea of whispers... A sun drenched vista of consecrated solitude and mystery... Her composition? One part substance, one part magic: Energetically surreal and totally unexpected... At her core, a deep hum…a resonance... An eternal song of potential.” - The Teller

Questions/Answers-Fields Beyond the Known

“ ANSWERS can be peculiar sometimes, can they not? Is their truth, sometimes, not subjective? Does it not sometimes seem that the experience of a true learning often equals more than the sum of its parts... equals more than the sum of its Answers? Might it not be better instead, to focus on discovering the QUESTIONS? ” -The Teller

Earth Mother-Fields Beyond the Known

“The Earth Mother harbors special places ... Places of mystery ... Places of power ... Places where the Outer points to the Inner. Places where reality itself might come to be disrobed ... to be revealed into its Naked Truth.” -The Teller

Byodo-in, Kailua, HI


Part of the joy of musical performance, are the varying types/energies of the venues. This Saturday 2/7 11AM @ The Byodo-In Temple, Valley Of The Temples, Kailua, HI...Sacred singing+Bamboo Flute+Crystal Bowls...