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New Toys...a sense of motivation (in music and life...)

Ahhh...new toys!2.6 shak

A never ending source of inspiration for creativity. Throughout my years as a practicing musician, the purchase of a new instrument has usually served to catapult me

to greater discipline in practice...to new compositions...to musical breakthroughs, and personal empowerment. And smiles :-) 

How can we apply this concept to our day to day lives?

This week, i was enthralled to finally receive a 2.6 custom made Bass shakuhachi from NYC Master craftsman Perry Yung (www.yunglfutes.com). Its a gorgeous instrument both

aesthetically and tonally. Needless to say, i havent been able to put it down, and have barely left home recently.

But, in this time of 'transition' for so many of my conscious brothers and sisters, i wonder how we can apply this type of renewed and invigorated sense of motivation to our day to day life?

Certainly, im reminded to stay connected to a state of gratitiude and a state of presence...but what else?

As i recognize my own transition...moving to Honolulu, Oahu after 12 amazing years in Maui...from the rural forest to the hustle of Waikiki (big shift!) , i do my best to embrace the change, and

use it as a source of motivation to create newness in my world. New friends...new musical opportunitues...new energies...(new restaurants! lol) 

What about you?