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Shamanic Visionary FictionFBtK-small-cover

 from Alan Roth


Fields Beyond the Known

-A Shaman's Tale-

For lovers of Coelho, Castaneda, Tolle, Bach, Krishnamurti...

Perched on the brink of his own destiny...

in a dream within a dream...

An ancient mystery...a clue...a Teacher...

...a Quest.

N.Y. Times Bestselling Author -   Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. 

"... in the tradition of Richard Bach, Carlos Cataneda and Paul Coelho...a Shamanic tale that is sure to delight... Enjoy this wisdom-filled read...K's multi-dimensional muse is sure to engage and entertain you."

New York Times #1 bestselling 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' contributing Author- Alan Cohen

 "A poetic mystical journey written masterfully from the heart. Definitely a doorway to a higher dimension."

In the depths of a vision, a young shaman embarks on a inner journey of initiation and discovery through a vivid dreamscape of Desert and its totem spirits. Come, travel with him... beyond the labyrinth-theatre of Mind... into a mystical world of personal evolution, expanded consciousness and Awakening.

A bold, new foray into the realm of Shamanic Metaphysical fiction. With a unique, lyrical sense of phrasing and tone, this book explores the vast, multi-dimensional human inner realm, and guides the reader on an unforgettable shamanic journey... ...into their own inner landscape.

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Fields Beyond the Known

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 Alan Roth