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Power of Music

K shak

Spent a beautiful and inspiring afternoon practicing music (shakuhachi flute, today) and absorbing a phenomenal series called
I am blown away and highly recommend this to all my musical ohana/family both players and listeners.

To all my beautiful and passionate musical friends:

Welcome to ChakraBlog

Welcome to ChakraBlog, a portal exploring 'Music & the Inner Journey', the meditation music of Alan Roth, guided meditations, Maui ponderings and World wanderings + pix.

birthing pool

New Toys...a sense of motivation (in music and life...)

Ahhh...new toys!2.6 shak

A never ending source of inspiration for creativity. Throughout my years as a practicing musician, the purchase of a new instrument has usually served to catapult me

to greater discipline in practice...to new compositions...to musical breakthroughs, and personal empowerment. And smiles :-) 

How can we apply this concept to our day to day lives?