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Power of Music

K shak

Spent a beautiful and inspiring afternoon practicing music (shakuhachi flute, today) and absorbing a phenomenal series called
I am blown away and highly recommend this to all my musical ohana/family both players and listeners.

To all my beautiful and passionate musical friends:

Keep it up. 

Music can and has changed society. 
Musicians are vital. We have value.

If know that if i can lead just one person to discover the breadth and scope of their inner world though my flute, i have served my purpose, and i have served them. 
If just one person connects to place i am coming from when i play,
and resonates with the depth of that moment...Isnt the world just a little less lonely then?

Music is communion.
Music teaches.
Music expresses.
Music affects.
Music informs.

Music breathes.
I breathe.
You breathe.
Together we are in concert...harmonious...dynamic...alive.

Blessings from Maui.

k alan